Our pride shows in the quality of our products. Based on the model of the 40ís neighborhood family owned bakeries where everything was done in house.

We use over 15 different flours to create several flour blends that are used throughout our products. We smoke and brine our own meats. We serve fruits, vegetables, and nuts harvested locally and from the Pacific Northwest. Why? Because it is simply a better product when you start with real, quality, local ingredients.

Why the name 5bís?
The founding family name, our name, is Beals. There are 5 in the family. The bee motif fits with the philosophy of working hard and a strong community commitment.

We are a dedicated gluten free facility.

This website was designed and produced by Cheyenne Little & Crystal Hayes and uses photos taken by Alexandria Kristovich-Warner.

45597 main street
concrete, wa
hours: Friday-Monday 9-4 phone: 360.853.8700
email: info@5bsbakery.com